Atlantic Broadband Adds MLB.TV App to TiVo Platform < OTT | Multichannel

This is a great move, not only adding value to its platform, but also improving customer UX.

Ahead of the 2017 MLB playoffs, Atlantic Broadband also plans to launch the MLB Network on September 28 across its service area. Atlantic Broadband, a subsidiary of Canada-based Cogeco Communications, serves about 246,000 video subs in western Pennsylvania; Miami Beach; parts of Maryland/Delaware; Aiken, S.C.; and eastern Connecticut.

Source: Atlantic Broadband Adds MLB.TV App to TiVo Platform | Multichannel

Atlantic Broadband already offers:

  • TiVo
  • Netflix
  • YouTube

making it clear that this is not a “one off,” rather continuing to build a very attractive suite of value added offerings as opposed to the traditional MSO triple plays.  Let’s hope the trend continues at Atlantic and their competition/counterparts take notice.

Watch the playlist below to learn more about MLB.TV and see Atlantic Broadband detail their TiVo platform.  View on:

Compact-Servo 70-200 Demo Day < Gear | Canon

If you are a camera geek looking to make plans other than watching solar eclipses next week, check this out:

Join AbelCine and Canon to get a closer look at the new Compact-Servo 70-200… Guests will get a chance to go hands-on with the lens, as well as … Canon’s new C200 camera

Source: Event Details

Guests will get a chance to go hands-on with the lens, as well as have their questions answered by representatives from Canon and AbelCine specialists.

The newest entry in Canon’s compact-servo family features

  • 4K optical performance, including excellent contrast range associated with High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging
  • parfocal in both manual and autofocus modes, allowing for zooming while recording in video production
  •  three levels of Image Stabilization

AbelCine has three location, unfortunately none are within the bands of total eclipse, only partial.

8/21/2017 AbelCine Canon Compact-Servo 70-200 Demo Day NY New York , NY
8/23/2017 AbelCine Canon Compact-Servo 70-200 Demo Day Chicago Chicago, IL
8/25/2017 AbelCine Canon Compact-Servo 70-200 Demo Day LA Burbank , CA

RSVP and head over to the one closest to you to meet the new Canon compact-servo.  If you aren’t near AbelCine, check out the playlist below for a quick recap.  View on:



Criterion Collection on Kanopy streaming

New Streaming Service Offers Free Movies to NYPL Patrons < Content | New York Public Library

A new streaming service is now available to New York Public Library card holders (I know you are out there!).

Kanopy offers a broad selection of more than 30,000 feature films, documentaries, foreign language, and training videos. Additionally, as part of a Kanopy subscription, cardholders gain access to The Criterion Collection, which focuses on licensing “important classic and contemporary films.” Now, for the first time, NYPL cardholders can stream these cinematic masterpieces and more anywhere, anytime, on smartphones, tablets, PCs and smart TVs.

Source: How You Can Stream Free Movies With Your NYPL Card | The New York Public Library

Unlike NYPL’s existing Overdrive video streaming service, Kanopy is available on HDTV buddy boxes

  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • Chromecast

Kanopy follows a library model of:

  • limited title per month
  • limited viewing window
  • its free!

No doubt, a big draw to this new service will be access to titles from the Criterion Collection, up until this point exclusively available behind Filmstruck‘s paywall.

Here is a video back when the so called “Netflix of the education sector” captured Western Australia 2012 Innovator of Year award.  View on:

What Keeps Small MVPDs From Streaming Video? < Analytics | Broadband Technology Report

In an article for BTR, Synacor‘s Greg Borowski, spells out some of the key performance indicators for small multi-channel video programming distributors (MVPD) to make the successful leap to over the top (OTT) service provider.

delivering OTT today means managing multi-screen workflows with DRM, ad insertion, integrations with a wide array of measurement and analytics providers, complex business rules dictated in streaming agreements, and solving authentication concerns.

Source: Why Aren’t More Small Operators Streaming Video? – Broadband Technology Report

The challenge of advertising is nothing new.  Back in March, Andre Swanston, the CEO of OTT ad-tech firm Tru Optik spoke to about that same topic.  View On:


Ask yourself these 9 Questions Before Creating Live Streams < Guide | Streaming Media

Streaming Media has put together a nice checklist for you to review before your next live stream.

Creating a live stream for an event has gotten easier, but doing it right still requires advanced planning. Here’s a roadmap for the first-timers.

Source: The 9 Starter Questions to Answer Before Creating a Live Stream – Streaming Media Magazine

Stumped by any of these steps or the process entirely? Contact us for help with streaming your next event live!

RODE Introduces new VideoMicPro+< Gear | RODE

Great video needs good visuals and just as importantly good audio.  RODE Microphone continues to build on their flagship mic series with this season’s plus (+) editions.  The newest entry is an update to the popular VideoMicPro (VMP).

Pro-audio brand RØDE Microphones is announcing an new addition to its best-in-market on-camera category – The VideoMic Pro+.

Source: Introducing the VideoMicPro+

Among VMP+’s new features are:

  • Auto Power function via plug-in power over Detachable TRS cable
  • Three power options: new Rechargable battery, micro USB, and standard AA batteries
  • Digital Switching interface, including new stages of high pass filtering, high frequency boost, and safety channel.  Goodbye clipping!

For more details, check out the playlist below and View On:


Nielsen Ropes Cord Cutters back into TV Ratings, adds YouTube TV, Hulu < Analytics|News Center

Television networks will have better insight into programming viewership with latest tweak to Nielsen Total Audience.

We are excited to announce that viewing from Hulu and Youtube TV will now be measured and reported through Digital in TV Ratings (DTVR), contributing to C3/C7 currency.

Source: Hulu and Youtube TV Viewing Are Now Included in TV Ratings – News Center | Nielsen

A key qualifier from Nielsen’s news center post is  “if a viewer watches a program on these services and sees the same commercials that ran when the program first aired on TV, we will be able to count their viewing into the program’s standard TV ratings.”  Want more information? View On:

Megan Clarken on the inclusion of Hulu + YouTube TV in DTVR

So Long, and thanks for all the Flash < Tools | Adobe

For the past five years (or more), pundits have been heralding, some going as far as declaring the end of Flash media player, an undisputed pioneer in the web player landscape.  Well, the day, or at least the announcement of a day, has finally arrived.

in collaboration with several of our technology partners – including Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla – Adobe is planning to end-of-life Flash. Specifically, we will stop updating and distributing the Flash Player at the end of 2020 and encourage content creators to migrate any existing Flash content to these new open formats.

Source: Flash & The Future of Interactive Content | Adobe

Thank you Flash player, without you we would never have been able to View On.